What Is Discord and How Does It Work?

Are you in the search of the best app that combines voice chat during gaming? then keep scrolling down this gives you the best app with a whole guide. 

Discord is a free app that combines the voice chat features of services like Skype and Teamspeak with the text chat features of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and instant messaging services. 

Here's how to use the Discord app for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

What Is Discord? 

Discord was made for online gamers as a free choice to voice chat services like TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo.

These services facilitate Voice over IP (VoIP) conversation between members of gaming clans, guilds, and other groups.

Instead of using the voice communication tools built into games, which are often of lower quality and lack features, gamers use these services to play together.

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The downside is that most VoIP services require a server, which normally isn't free. Some hosting companies provide a free VoIP server when a regular game server is rented. 

However, there is usually a cost connected with running a TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo server. Discord offers a similar service at no cost. 

The Discord app is free to download, signing up for a Discord account is free, and anyone can create a Discord server for free.

What Is Discord Used For? 

To get begun with Discord, build a temporary account. You can register this account to get it permanent or discard it when you're done. 

You can attach an avatar or profile picture to your account, but it's not required. 

  • Open a web browser and go to the Discord app website. 
  • Choose Open Discord in your browser. 
  • Enter your required username and select the arrow to the right of the text field. 
  • Choose the I am not a robot check box, then complete the captcha if one is presented. 
  • Choose Skip to immediately start using Discord, or select Get Started for a tutorial. 
  • Enter your email and password, then choose Claim Account to register your account, or choose outside the pop-up window to skip this step. 
  • Begin searching for communities and servers to join. 
  • When someone gives you an invitation link to a server, click the link to join. 

Discord Web Version vs. Discord Desktop App

Discord is available as a web app that runs in most browsers. You can also download a desktop version for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

The desktop and web versions of Discord are functionally the same in almost every way and seem nearly the same. 

There are a few differences between the browser and desktop versions of Discord. In the desktop app, push-to-talk is enabled all the time. 

In the web app, push-to-talk only works when the browser window is in focus, so it's unavailable while playing. 

The desktop version allows you to show your friends what game you're playing. The major benefit of the web version is that it doesn't need a download. 

You can use it anywhere, on any computer, without waiting to download and install anything. 

If you use Discord a lot, the desktop app is a worthwhile download, but the web app is great because it lowers the bar for entry; for example, when you're playing a game with your friends and want to invite an outside player into voice chat. 

With a service like TeamSpeak or Mumble, they must download the app, build an account, and enter your server information. 

With Discord, all they do is click your invite link, type a temporary username if they don't have one, and they're ready to go.

Discord Mobile App 

In addition to the desktop and web apps, Discord is available as an app for iOS and Android

The Discord mobile app has a comparable look to the desktop app, but it's changed to work on smaller screens. 

When you're on a server, swipe right to see a list of voice and text channels, and swipe left to view a list of the members on the server. 

Voice chat on the mobile Discord app works like the desktop app. You can use it to interact with your friends or teammates when you're playing on a console that doesn't support Discord. 

You have the same skills to adjust the volume of other users, mute people, so that you can't hear them, and mute yourself if you don't want your friends to hear what's going on in your house. 

How to Join a Server on Discord

Although Discord features many servers that anyone can join, there is no central list of available servers. 

To join a Discord server, you often need a member or admin of that server to give you a link. Some servers have permanent links, and others expire within a day. 

If you have a link to a Discord server, choose the link or join through the Discord app: 

  • Open the Discord app or open Discord in a browser. 
  • Choose the plus (+) in the left pane. 
  • Choose to Join a Server. 
  • Enter the invite link, then select Join. 
  • To leave a server, right-click the server's name in Discord, then select Leave Server. 

Final Words

This is the all about Discord app that combines voice chat during gaming and also the guide about how to use it. 
Hope this will useful for you!!